Would you like to have your own highly profitable business and represent one of the world’s leading sales training programs?

If so, consider partnering with Velocity Selling and join a global team of recognised sales, training and motivation experts.

Partnering with Velocity Selling is an outstanding opportunity for existing trainers, top sales people, and entrepreneurs to create a new business or expand on existing business by providing massive value to their clients as a keynote speaker, trainer, coach and/or author.

Certified Velocity Selling Specialists offer Sales Training, Sales Management Training, Team Motivation and Sales Strategies using proven systems that have been developed by Bob Urichuck and the Velocity Selling team over the last 20 years. There are a number of other income streams including the online training, public events and many more.

Get the Edge

Velocity Selling will conduct a 5-day intensive boot camp to start you on the road to fulfilling your potential. This is only offered after a full interview and due diligence is conducted by all parties.

Ongoing training and coaching is conducted throughout the year via Webinar, In Person at training events and via Skype or phone on a regular basis.

Would you like to have a training/coaching business and be able to effectively provide non-traditional sales, leadership, motivation and team effectiveness training to business owners and entrepreneurs while growing your own very profitable business?
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