Guide Your Team Members to Where You Want Them to Go

An effective leader, manager, facilitator, coach and mentor will never tell you what you need to do. They will ask questions and help you discover the answer for yourself. Only in this way will you take ownership and become committed to carrying out the idea. So how can you guide team members to meet the objectives you’ve set for your … Read More

The Return You Get When You Elevate Others

In each issue of my bi-weekly newsletter, I note articles relating to sales effectiveness or leadership that have drawn my attention. Here are two included in my February 16 e-minute:Why Many Smart People Miss Future Opportunities by Rajesh Setty and 3 Ways You can Boost Your Sales by Practicing Conscious Kindness by Jeff Shore. Setty’s premise in Why Many Smart … Read More

Motivating Your Mind – Inspiring Your Spirit

Where can you access insights from 95 individuals with a combined 2,700 years of business experience and 4,600 years of people experience? Right here! Motivating Your Mind-Inspiring Your Spirit  is a 115-page e-book with stories, tips, insights and case studies from industry experts, CE0s, CFOs, company directors and business owners. My son David and I each contributed an article. Some … Read More