Have you ever gone to a sales training day or weekend? If you are anything like me, you feel great! Right? You are going to go back to the office to smash your goals and blow the completion away.

But like a Red Bull, the energy hit wares off.

How do you make sure the learnings stick? How do you ensure the training turns into sales not just now but compounds, resulting in exponential growth year on year?

We have developed a training system incorporating advanced adult learning techniques, customised in the areas of Sales, Motivation, Leadership and Team Skills.

Customised sales training is perfect for companies that have access to a local Velocity Selling Specialist. A Velocity Selling Specialist will come to your office and discuss your needs and tailor a package that is in line with the organisations goals.

Working within the Velocity Selling frame work of Attitude, Behaviours, Competencies and Disciplines your trainer will ensure that your team are not only totally up to date with the latest sales strategies but also have the daily disciplines that are required to drive high performance now and in the future.

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As part of our customised training we offer:

  • Sales Training for Individuals
  • Sales Management Training
  • Face to Face Sales Training
  • Virtual Sales Training
  • Sales Strategy and Best Practices

  • Sales Strategy and Best Practices
  • Monthly Sales Meetings
  • Weekly Coaching
  • Script Writing Workshops
  • Team Motivation

“We train you to ask the right questions at the right time to the right people that Attract, Engage and Empower buyers to buy.”