Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 22 – Prioritising Your Goals

Join us again today as Velocity Selling’s very own sales mentors Matthew Whyatt and Bob Urichuck fill us in on the next step.

Velocity Selling T.V. Episode 22: Prioritising Your Goals: Transcript

Matthew: Well, welcome back to episode twenty-two of Velocity Selling T.V. I’m your host, Matthew Whyatt and we’ve got Bob Urichuck. Welcome Bob.
Bob: Hi Matthew.
Matthew: Hey Bob, last time we, we’re going through a process currently where, were written down all of our dreams, all the things we wanna do, be, and have, and the last episode you said, ‘Hey, write down your timeline, your lifeline, starting at zero and saying well, alright, you know what, probably, it’s all gonna end about ninety, as you put it. If we’re all as lucky as that, that’ll be fantastic. Now we’ve put a line in where we are, so currently I’m forty, so how many years have I got, or how many years have the listeners got until they actually want to retire? And that’s the amount of time they’ve got available to really achieve their goals. Then you said, what if you just came home from the doctor and the doctor said, ‘You’ve got six months to live.’ What are the key things you really want to do in the next six months that are gonna go, really make an impact to yourself, family and your life. So, I think that’s where we’re up to isn’t Bob?
Bob: That’s exactly it. So what we do now is we group, categorise, and prioritise. So after you’ve picked all the highlights and you’ve got everything there, you group ‘em. For example, everything that relates to family, that could be a category, family. Everything that relates to family, you group all together under family. The same for financial, the same for career, the same for education, the same for personal development, relationships, whatever your categories are, you identify them, but then group ‘em all together. In my case I found it was five major things that came out. One was family, another was financial, the third one was career, personal development, and business. I found that most of my desires fell into those five categories. So what I did is, you know, I wanna do, I… let me give you an example: family. It’s a matter of chronological order. I wanted to have a family, at least two sons. I’d like to see them graduate, go through University, get married, have grand-children, you know, that sort of thing. So these are the things that would fit into family. Financial would be your present net worth or the earnings you’d like to get or the kind of savings you’d like to have, you know, everything relating to financial. So when I looked at it, I had the five of them in front of me and with each of the little lines I said ‘Where do I start?’ And then I realised you know, if I had a career, that would be the foundation to my success. That would give me the cash flow and everything. So when I looked at career, I realised that if I got this job as a national sales manager, it would pay me the goal that I have in financial.
Matthew: Yeah.
Bob: So you see? When I ask people why they go to work, it’s not about the money, it’s about the stepping stones. So I would go to work to make so much money. That money satisfies a financial goal, but more importantly it allows me to go out and build a house for my family. That career also allows me to satisfy travel. To see Cananda, on coast to coast on expensives before travelling the world. You see what I mean?
Matthew: Yeah.
Bob: And then of course, personal development, I get it within the company. Business I’ll do on the side and on the weekend. So, why do I go to work? Work is nothing but a stepping stone to help me get where I wanna go.
Matthew: That’s fantastic Bob. That really makes sense.
Bob: So we have forms available for people on this where basically, it’s very simple, it allows you to just group, categorise, prioritise. Because you see, the reason I picked the six months is to get you started in this process. It’s easier for you to think of the next six months than it is for the next six years. So we start with the short term. The short term, then we lead to the medium turn, and the medium turn to the long term, the long-term into retirement and on-going.
Matthew: Fantastic. So what you’re asking people to do is group, categorize, and prioritise the goals of, the long list of goals they’ve written it down.
Bob: Well it’s, let’s call it their dreams for now because we haven’t set him into goals. And we’re going to get into that next episode, but alright, maybe in two episodes. The key thing here is really to get all these dreams and try to give it some organisation so we know what’s important in our life and what the key elements are. Even though it was career and it was a sales manager, that career allowed me to get into sales training and the whole sales training industry. So you see, each of these pieces are stepping stones along the way and that’s why it’s so important to lead your life from the inside versus somebody else leading it for you. It’s like in the corporate world we have something called ‘succession planning’. Well, nobody’s gonna decide my future without me getting involved.
Matthew: Got it.
Bob: I used to have a boss that’d tell me ‘Bob, we’ve talked about you, here’s what you’re gonna do.’ And I say ‘Wait a second, how do you know that’s what I wanna do?’
This is the most important part. I want people to do what they want to do ‘cause that’s where they’re passion lies and that’s where they’re going to succeed the most.
Matthew: Yeah. That’s great. Fantastic Bob. Well, thanks very much for that. We’re gonna come back next week and talk about you know, I guess, is the next one we’re going to talk about the price you’re willing to pay to actually make sure these happen?
Bob: Exactly. ‘Are you willing to pay the price?’ is the next episode.
Matthew: Fantastic. See you then.

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