Velocity Selling TV – Episode 58 – 5 Positive Outcomes to a Sales Call

Join Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt this week with the latest episode of Velocity Selling TV as they explore the 5 Positive Outcomes of a Sales Call.

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Velocity Selling TV Episode 58: 5 Positive Outcomes of a Sales Call
Bob: Welcome back to Velocity Selling TV. This is Bob Urichuck and I’m with Matthew Whyatt down in Australia today. Welcome to the show once again Matthew.
Matthew: Thanks very much Bob. I’m actually really excited about this episode because it’s something I’ve just taught to a group of sales people – and that’s the 5 Positive Outcomes to a Successful sales call. Well, actually to any sales call.
Bob: So what are they? What are those 5 positive outcomes?
Matthew: So the 5 positive outcomes are- I teach it like it a stack so if you think of it as steps. Now of course every sales person or business owner if you’ve done your job and you’ve gone ahead and prescribed the right solution, you’re going to get the yes. That’s a definite positive outcome.
Bob: Definitely number one is- we’re going to get a sale, we’re looking for a yes, that is a positive outcome, that is the best of them. That’s why it’s number one, that’s good.
Matthew: That’s what we’re going for. Number two – and the reason we say this is number two is actually a no. And the reason no is important is because you know, we’ve got plenty of leads to work with, you’ve done your work, you’ve got other people to talk to, you could probably disqualify a customer like I did yesterday. They weren’t a right fit for the business so I, in a loving and caring manner, disqualify them and I’ll get to what I did in a moment. Go ahead?
Bob: Before we go into the third, it’s important to understand that a lot of sales people take no as personal rejection and you should never take it as rejection. You’re the person that’s supposed to be in control of the sales process in qualifying the buyer. If the buyer’s not qualified, it’s up to you to reject them with a no and no is a positive outcome. It saves you time, you don’t waste any more energy, effort, and you move on. So a yes, and a no, those are really two positive outcomes right there. That’s good. What would be the third one?
Matthew: Absolutely. So the third one is a clear future. Not every sales call is going to result in someone handing the check to you or going forward so you want to go ahead and create a clear future by asking questions like ‘So what do you want to do next?’ and ‘Where do you want to meet next?’ and of course getting commitment which we’ve talked about in previous episodes, how to actually get the person to commit to you, because salespeople often make commitments to customers and the customers don’t make enough commitments to salespeople. So this needs to be a 50/50 deal.
Bob: And what you’re saying as salespeople we have to always be getting commitment from the buyer so we have a clear future. In a sales call we got a yes, a no, or a clear future which means, we’re going to meet next Wednesday at 2:00pm or whatever, but a clear future you know exactly what’s going to happen next, that’s great.
Matthew: Absolutely. So what’s, one of the worst one is you’ve actually gone ahead and failed. But the good thing is, the good news there is, that’s an unclear future, and that’s a failure is actually a positive if you turn it. Turn a little bit and try to find that lesson learned. Now what is F.A.I.L stand for Bob?
Bob: First Attempt In Learning Matthew.
Matthew: Absolutely. So what we want to do is we want to make sure we’ve learned that lesson. The fourth positive outcome of a sales call is a lesson learned. What could you have done better?
Bob: So what you’re saying is: if you didn’t get a yes, if you didn’t get a no, and you didn’t get a clear future, you failed.
Matthew: That’s right.
Bob: if you didn’t get one of those three, you fail. So you have to reflect on yourself and say ‘where did I go wrong?’ I didn’t get a yes, I didn’t get a no, and I didn’t get a clear future. What do I need to do differently next time? What’s the lesson learned so that I can be better at this the next time and walk away with a yes, a no, or a clear future? So if you don’t get those three, you fail, you get a lesson learned. That’s number four. Now there’s a bonus one, number five. What would that be?
Matthew: Well number five is asking for a referral. That’s exactly what I did yesterday when I was actually speaking with a customer. I disqualified them, it was a good read that it wasn’t a great fit for us and we spoke about how – who else do you know in your network that you work with, that you network with that you could actually get value out of this and I actually got a referral just yesterday out of doing that exact thing.
Bob: Well that’s fantastic because you know what, if you don’t ask you don’t get.
Matthew: Exactly.
Bob: So let’s do a quick summary here: We’ve got a yes, a no, a clear future, – you don’t get one of those three, you fail, you get a lesson learned. And once you get a lesson learned you improve the next call to make sure you walk out of there to get a yes, a no, or a clear future. And of course the bonus one is ask for referral, you don’t ask, you don’t get. That’s fantastic Matthew. We’re at the stage I think where we’re about to share the system, the step by step process with everybody so why don’t we save that for next episode and we’ll see everybody again next week. Thank you for your time and thank you Matthew for participating again this week.
Matthew: Good on you. Bye for now.
Bob: Bye-Bye.

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Matthew has been involved in the growth of many businesses across multiple industries including, health products, software development, IT consultancy, Real Estate and franchise sales with personal sales of over $100 million.

After all of this hard work Matthew took a year off with his wife and two children in Bali. After returning to Australia Matthew was ready to take on his next challenge, following his passion in Sales, and joined the Velocity Selling team as CEO.

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