Kevin Harrington with Velocity Selling Masterminds

Often times in sales, salespeople find they are asking themselves ‘How can we close the sale the fastest?’. When you ask yourself the wrong questions, you will have an unfavourable outcome. However, when you apply the Velocity Selling method to your sales career, you will not only learn how to ask the right questions, you will learn how to achieve … Read More

Create Inspiration Not Perspiration with Your Performance Reviews

For some organizations, employees are now finding out what “bonus” or “incentive” payment they will receive based on 2014 financials. Figuring in the results are performance reviews dreaded by employees and their managers alike, no matter what level of the organization each is at. For most, personal and corporate goals have little in common. And so the quarterly or annual … Read More

What to Do When Call Reluctance Strikes

To be successful in sales you need to communicate effectively on the telephone. Salespeople know that: You build relationships and make more sales when you pick up that phone more often.   As Matt Heinz recently reported: 93% of converted leads are contacted by the 6th call attempt (Velocify) Tweet this 78% of decision makers polled have taken an appointment … Read More

Own Your Sales Targets—Assess Your Progress at Each Stage

What are the three most important things that you want from your job? If you don’t know or if you can’t answer this question, you are not taking control of your life or your future and you are leaving life to chance and circumstance. Your job or business has expectations of you. You should have expectations of your job or … Read More

Is Asking for Help a Sign of Strength or Weakness?

Someone I was coaching recently asked me: Is asking for help a sign of strength or weakness? I didn’t give them the answer. If I had, who would have owned and been committed to the answer? And how does that relate to life and business? It‘s a simple but important factor in human communications—the person who answers the question owns … Read More

Match and Mirror—Someone Just Like Me!

Have you seen the Discover card TV spot “We Treat You Like You’d Treat You” that shows the caller talking with a mirror version of themselves on the other end of the line. That “awesome sauce” is hard to forget! Or how about the one in the car showroom where the salesperson morphs to match the way the customer talks … Read More

Listen In: Tips on Being Interviewed on a Radio Show or Podcast

In our cars, at home or at work, or out and about, more and more of us are tuning in to more and more radio shows or podcasts. And more shows mean more hosts looking for guests. Being interviewed on a radio show or podcast is a great marketing opportunity. It provides you with exposure, positioning you as an expert … Read More

Lead and Respond with Questions–Here’s Why and How

In order to be successful in your communications you must first understand your team members, as that is one of their universal needs–to be understood. We do this by askingquestions and active listening. Better listening = deeper understanding. Only after this point can we communicate our position and get their buy in to corporate goals. As you proceed to ask … Read More

Better Training Equals Better Sales Management Performance

No matter whom we are or where we are in life or business, there’s always room for growth. Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching, the saying goes. But the most value comes when the “teaching” is targeted to what we need, when we need it. CSO Insights’ “2014 Sales Management Optimization Key Trends Analysis,” was developed from data … Read More

Start Your Work Life in Sales—Here’s Why

Sales has been a way of life for me since I was a boy. I was raised in a small family business and thanks to both of my later parents I was exposed to the world of sales. You may say I was raised to be in sales and for that I am really grateful. For everyone needs sales to … Read More