Velocity Selling TV – Episode 57 – 3 Listening Techniques

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Velocity Selling TV Episode 57: 3 Effective Listening Techniques
Bob: Welcome back to Velocity Selling TV and welcome back Matthew.
Matthew: Hey Bob, how are you going?
Bob: Great. Now, last week we talked about listening skills and I thought maybe you could share three techniques – three listening skill techniques that people can use and practice and get competent at.
Matthew: Yeah ok. The three that are…parroting, where you essentially say back to the person what they just told you and their explanation just to make sure you’ve got it right. The one that I use the most would actually be the paraphrasing. Let the person speak and just take notes. And of course you’ve got to get permission to take notes. You take the notes and you say, ‘What I’m hearing is: this, this, this, this, and this,’ and what I always like to ask ‘And what else’? Expecting there to be more, not just saying, is that all? Because a person, once again, we know that people are generally closed, and a little bit lazy, and I just want to give you, as a salesperson, a little push, an answer. At this point, you want to go a little bit deeper, as I said in a previous episode. So what we want to say is ‘And what else is there?’ Poised, eyebrows up, pen at the ready, because you are actually actively listening. So these are called active listening skills. And the third one is feeling feedback. So for example: ‘Hey we’ve had a big day out on the snow today and what I need to do is interpret that, come back and then say ‘Oh well you must be tired, or you must be sunburned or whatever that is.’ What you want to do is you want to create that feedback loop where you hear and understand what they say. Alright then. That’s basically what, I’m sorry Bob?
Bob: Or what they’re not saying.
Matthew: Or what they’re not saying. That’s perfect.
Bob: Yeah. Because feeling feedback gives you a much deeper look at it. You’re actually being more empathetic, you’re putting yourself in the buyers shoes and you feel where they’re coming from and you are using your words but you are, how can I put it, they’re not revealing themselves, you’re feeling it and expressing that.
Matthew: That’s perfect. So they’re the three listening techniques that we use and we want to make sure that once again, it’s called active listening because you’re using two of these and one of that.
Bob: Well said. Have a great week Matthew.
Matthew: Good on you Bob. Bye for now. you want to go a little bit deeper,

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Matthew has been involved in the growth of many businesses across multiple industries including, health products, software development, IT consultancy, Real Estate and franchise sales with personal sales of over $100 million.

After all of this hard work Matthew took a year off with his wife and two children in Bali. After returning to Australia Matthew was ready to take on his next challenge, following his passion in Sales, and joined the Velocity Selling team as CEO.

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