Better Training Equals Better Sales Management Performance

No matter whom we are or where we are in life or business, there’s always room for growth. Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching, the saying goes. But the most value comes when the “teaching” is targeted to what we need, when we need it.

CSO Insights’2014 Sales Management Optimization Key Trends Analysis,” was developed from data sales executives provided on 122 metrics related to the performance of their sales teams. The study analyses provided an in-depth look at the variety of options sales organizations have available to increase the effectiveness of their sales teams.  I received access to the analysis by completing their 2015 survey referenced in this Selling Power post.



In their summary, CSO Insights note: Sales 2.0 is clearly about optimizing the performance of sales teams, but companies also need to focus their efforts on better supporting the sales leaders that salespeople are turning to for help.

Some findings in the report that I found especially valuable:

Coaching is a better use of a sales manager’s time than direct selling with reps.

The best results were achieved by companies that focused on more coaching.

A high level analysis points to a relationship between sales manager effectiveness and sales training budgets. That is, better training equals better sales management performance.

And in their2014 Sales Management Optimization Going Forward Analysis,” CSO Insights notes that

When Optimizing the Sales Process, “What” Needs to be Supported by “How”:

The “what” of selling is clear to most sales professionals: call high, create a sense of urgency, differentiate, sell value, etc. The struggle is how to do these things.

Optimizing Coaching Needs to Blend High Touch and High Tech:

The companies doing the best job at coaching their sales teams are investing in skills training for sales managers and technology.

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