What to Do When Call Reluctance Strikes

To be successful in sales you need to communicate effectively on the telephone.

Salespeople know that:

As Matt Heinz recently reported:

  • 93% of converted leads are contacted by the 6th call attempt (Velocify) Tweet this
  • 78% of decision makers polled have taken an appointment or attended an event that came from an email or cold call (DiscoverOrg) Tweet this

But what happens when call reluctance strikes?

That’s the question multi-award winning sales and telesales trainer Jenny Cartwright answers inWhat to Do When Sales Reluctance Strikes. She notes:

If you are someone who procrastinates about making calls, it could be that you fear rejection, have no goals or too little knowledge about your product or service to sound confident. One of the most important things to be sure of is that you never allow negative thoughts of failure to even enter your head.

Whenever you get a negative thought about calling someone, quickly write it down and change it to a more positive thought.

For example if you think ‘I can’t call them again, they have said ‘no’ twice now’. You change to think positively. ‘I must call them again to give them a chance to buy. They will know I really care that they don’t miss this great opportunity.’

Always expect a ‘yes’ because if you expect a ‘no’ you will certainly get one, Jenny writes.

She concludes that

…one hour of procrastination per day equals 225 ‘selling’ hours wasted a year (based on working 45 weeks a year). You can simply choose to change your behaviour to make more telephone calls and more sales in 2015.

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