Velocity Selling Podcast –Episode 10 – The Right To Like Yourself As You Are

In episode 10 of Velocity Selling TV, Right to Like Yourself as You Are, Velocity Selling Founder, Bob Urichuck and Velocity Selling CEO, Matthew Whyatt discuss the importance of your right to like yourself as you are and how that will in turn affect you as an individual and a sales person.

Velocity Selling TV Episode 10- The Right to Like Yourself As You Are
Matthew: Well, hi, it’s Matthew here from the Gold Coast, with Velocity Selling TV, and we’ve got the founder of Velocity Selling TV, Bob Urichuck, up in Ottawa Canada. Welcome Bob.
Bob: Well thank you Matthew, good to see you again.
Matthew: Good to see you too. Now, last time we spoke about your ten rights. You gave us an overview of all of those. Now, actually what I did was I went ahead and looked at a uh, a few things on youtube and I found quite an extended review of your ten rights on youtube. What I’ll do is when we post this up, I’ll put the links down below from the youtube channel. Ah, so if a person wants to go a bit deeper on this, you know, we’re giving an overview, and today what I thought I was gonna ask you to do, could you go a bit deeper on right number three? Uh, the right to like yourself as you are?
Bob: Yeah, ok. Let’s focus on that. Umm, ya know, part of it is- uh, let me start here- I believe that we all came into this world as equal human beings, regardless of race, religion, color, nationality, sex, title, or role. That’s a belief I have. I believe we’re all miracles, we’re here for a reason. Alright?
Matthew: Yeah, ok. Fantastic.
Bob: We came in as perfect ‘10’s’. We then get exposed to the outside world, your family to uh, education, to religion, to politics, to friends, and we take those outside influences and we internalize them and we become that person. Now, this is where we’re all carrying around some baggage of the past that’s holding us back from preforming the way we could be preforming. So a big part of it now is, we are over eighteen years of age or most people looking at this video are over eighteen, should be able to distinguish the difference between fact and fiction. What is real about you? And what is not real about you? Cause you see, what we’re talking about here is what I call the BAFAR system. Bafar is, your beliefs determine your attitudes. Your attitudes determine how you feel, how you feel determines the action you take, the action you take determines the results you get in life. Get that?
Matthew: Yeah, I sure do.
Bob: Beliefs, Attitudes, feelings, actions, results. You’re not getting results cause you’re not taking action. You’re not taking action cause you’re not feeling well. You’re not feeling well cause you, you’re attitude’s off, and what’s the belief that’s causing it? Well, you believe it’s raining outside, and rainy days you should be home, ya know, sleeping. Scoffs
Matthew: Chuckles
Bob: You know what I mean? But here’s the thing about rainy days. Let’s take that as an example. What do you believe about rainy days Matthew? Now, not you personally, let’s generalize. What does the world believe about rainy days?
Matthew: Most people do want to stay in bed and, and uh, and uh, cuddle up with a, uh, good book and just basically do nothing.
Bob: Ok so, a belief would be, ‘Rainy days are…’
Matthew: ‘Not very good’.
Bob: Exactly. There, there, some people say negative, some people say downers, ya know what I mean? The general thing, it’s like that. So if you’ve got that belief that it’s a negative day, a, uh, a gloomy day, what’s your attitude like on a gloomy day?
Matthew: Pretty poor.
Bob: Yeah, it’s poor, it’s tired, it’s lazy. Ok, so how does that make you feel?
Matthew: Unmotivated, you don’t wanna do anything. You just go, you know what, not doing anything today.
Bob: Yeah, stay in bed.
Matthew: Yeah.
Bob: And what results do you get outta that?
Matthew: Chuckles. None.
Bob: Ok, exactly. Now, I used to be like that, until one day um, I’m sitting at a cottage North of here and uh, it was raining. And I’m just sitting there watching the raindrops fall. And my wife says to me’ Bob, why don’t you pick up a book and read?’. And I said ‘That’s a good idea, but I think I’m gonna go for a walk in the rain first’. And I went for a fifteen minute walk. I came back, got onto my laptop and I started to write, well, part of these rights- my book- Discipline for Life. And I wrote, wrote. And as the rain stopped, I stopped typing. And then I went back after and I read what I wrote and went ‘Wow, where did this come from?’
Matthew: Yeah
Bob: I started to question my answers , question my answers, and question my answers, to get to the truth. So what I did was change my belief system. I believe that rainy days are my most inspirational days. Rain drops are drops from heaven. I’m only the messenger. I’m just , ya know, putting the messages out there that I get. And that’s my justification. So, to test it what I did is I said, ok, the next time it rains I’m gonna try the same thing, see what happens. In 2006, I set a goal for myself, and every time it rains I’ll write an article and have it published in a magazine somewhere in the world. That year, I believe I got published 65 times. Guess how many times it rained wherever I was in the world?
Matthew: Well, I’m gonna guess about 65 times.
Bob: You got it. So you change your beliefs, your changing your beliefs changes your attitude, your attitude determines, changes your feelings, which in turn changes the actions and the results you get. So this is where we have to go down and take a look at what we believe. Why do you think people discount? Because they don’t believe in the value of their product.
Bob: And that’s not selling. So when we take a look at that belief, and I remember working with an organization once where we looked at the belief of the team. Top twenty sales people in multi-million dollar sales scenarios and the top twenty, the key thing here was getting their beliefs that products they were selling were actually of the value and how do we not discount? So we ended up changing their beliefs by taking them on a planned tour, where they saw hands on, every detail of everything to the point where they said, ‘You know what? These products are worth more’. And they changed their whole belief about it and now, since then, the company has stopped discounting all over the world. So again, it’s about your beliefs. So here’s the key thing: a lot of us are influenced by the outside world. Let me ask you a question Matthew. Is success out there?
Matthew: No, it’s all internal, isn’t it?
Bob: It’s all in here. And that’s where it starts and that’s where the BAFAR system comes into place. You gotta get to know the most important person in the world- their strengths, their weaknesses, their beliefs. You gotta take someone’s beliefs and turn ‘em into positive beliefs, encouraging beliefs. Beliefs that will get you where you wanna go. And this is what the BAFAR system is all about. But it has to start with you. So, make a decision. Do you wanna continue living your life on the outside in? Or do you wanna lead your life from the inside out? Make a decision. Because it’s you, the decision maker, that will make that decision work. I look forward to seeing you in the next episode.

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