Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 14 – Make A Decision

In the most recent episode of Velocity Selling TV, Founder Bob Urichuck and CEO Matthew Whyatt discuss the importance of making a decision.

Matthew: Well, hi everybody, Matthew here down in Australia and of course, once again we’ve got Bob Urichuck up in Canada. Hi Bob.
Bob: Hey Matthew. How’s it going?
Matthew: Very well indeed.
Bob: Good.
Matthew: Hey look, we’re gonna be doing another episode today of Velocity Selling TV and um, we’ve got Bob on the line. Just wanted to talk, you know Bob, we’ve been talking about the- Your Rights to Fail, Your Rights to Ask, and all those rights, and really when it comes to sales, what I’ve found is people really need to make a personal, internal decision about their level of success, not just asking their clients to make a decision. So, I wanted to ask you about that. So what do you mean by ‘Make a decision’?
Bob: Well, make a decision is a very simple thing. You see, a lot of people never progress in life simply because they can’t make a decision. And indecision is usually caused by fear: what if? What if? And of course, with ‘what if’, you get indecision, which follows into procrastination, paralysis, nothing gets done. So when we think about that, you have to make decisions. Life is all about knowing where you wanna go, what you wanna do, when you wanna do it, and you gotta make decisions. Making a decision and being a decision maker is a very important skill to have would you not agree?
Matthew: Oh, look, absolutely. You know, decision is to uh, I think it’s from a French word as to cut away, so it takes away options. Is that right?
Bob: Well that’s it. It kinda narrows it down. ‘Decision’ is the word in French, it’s the same. I’ve never looked at it that way, but it is, yeah, you really need to narrow things down. But here’s the decision I want everybody to think about, and to make: It’s a very simple decision. And it’s a simple decision. That only determines your life and what’s important to you. We talked about the BAFAR system, how your beliefs determine your attitudes, how your attitudes determine, uh, the actions you take, the actions you take determine the results you get, etc. We talked about the IR theory, how important our identity is, versus our role. And if we look at all these things, it all starts with who? Yourself. The most important person in the world. Would you not agree?
Matthew: Of course, yeah. Absolutely.
Bob: So, here’s the big thing, the BIG decision that I like people to think about and to make, is, do you want to continue to lead your life from the outside in? Or do you wanna lead your life from the inside out? It’s you, the decision maker, that will make that decision work. So you need to think about that. Do you wanna continue your life along the path you’ve been following? Ya know, looking at the outside world and reacting accordingly? Or going internal? To the most important person in the world and getting to know that inner voice and what that inner voice is saying to you and following that inner voice. I have found success is internal. Motivation is internal. And certainly, our future is internal. Make a decision. The decision I recommend you make is living your life from the inside out. But that’s not my decision to make for you. It’s your decision, for you, to make for yourself. How do you want to live your life? From the outside in? Or the inside out?
Matthew: Well that’s fantastic Bob, I really appreciate that nice little lesson there because there’s so many influences in our world today, with Facebook, and various social media, everybody’s looking a certain way. You know we don’t put up on social media that you sit there at your computer for eight hours, but you do put up on social media the time you went jet skiing with your friends. If everybody lived that life in reality, well, nobody’d get any work done.
Bob: Exactly.
Matthew: So, people need to develop this internal motivation and I guess they, they’ve got to separate their identity in their role to ensure that they’re actually able to know when times get tough, to continue to push through, and as you’ve said, make a decision whether how to live from the outside in. You know, seeing everybody else and how they live on Instagram, and Facebook and things like that, or build a, a level of self-worth internally and then uh project that out.
Bob: You see, the biggest problem Matthew, everybody’s so busy out here, that they’ve got no time for in here. And all I’m suggesting is, you’ll never find the time to do these things, you have to make the time. If you are really the most important person in the world, make a commitment to yourself, follow through on it and make a decision about living your life from the inside out. And then continuing that regards for the rest of your life.
Matthew: Well Bob, that’s perfect. I think we’ve uh. I think that’s a great little lesson I want to leave people with today. Thanks very much, I’ll see you next time.
Bob: Alright, thank you Matthew.
Matthew: Bye now.
Bob: Bye.

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