Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 15 – Take Control Of Your Life

In this episode of Velocity Selling TV, Matthew, CEO of Velocity Selling, and Bob, founder of Velocity Selling discuss the importance of taking control of your life.

Matthew: Hi, and welcome to Velocity Selling TV. This is episode fifteen and thank you so much for the comments everybody. If you do have any comments about how we might be able to make this better, any topics you want us to cover, do go ahead in the comments below on youtube. Let us know what you want. We do read all of them. We respond to all of them. Let us know how we can help. So, today what we’re talking about is actually taking control of your life and, uh, Bob’s been out there, in the uh, I guess the springtime of uh, of Canada visiting friends and relatives. You can see that Bob’s taking control of his life with his, a bit more casual attire. Welcome Bob. How are ya going?
Bob: Good, uh, Matthew. I was actually out today. I have a, a neighbour who has a farm and he and his sister have lived together, he’s ninety-six years old, she’s ninety-seven years old,…
Matthew: Wow.
Bob: …and they’ve both been recently admitted to a home, so I made a commitment to go and take ‘em for drives, like, at least once a week, ya know, keep ‘em fresh and young, because they’re great people. Now, one of the things Matthew, when we’re talking about taking control of your life, let me ask you a couple questions: What are some things that we have absolutely no control over? And any audiences out there, or the participants, listen to this and answer these questions. What are some of the things we have absolutely no control over?
Matthew: Well, you know it’s, uh, things like the weather. Today, it’s actually, we’re in autumn now, so it’s starting to rain and it’s looking a bit bleak out there. You can see it’s a bit darker in my room, I’ve got all the lights on, windows open, but yeah, it’s, you can’t control the weather. Definitely not.
Bob: You got it. Now, we’re the opposite. We’re going into spring as you’re going into fall.
Matthew: Absolutely.
Bob: The snow is starting to melt, the sun is shining, and it’s getting nicer outside. So you can see how we’re opposites there. So, you’re absolutely right, we cannot control the weather. We cannot control traffic. We cannot control what other people say or do.
Matthew: No.
Bob: Bottom line is this: If we can’t control it, why do we let it upset us on a daily basis?
Matthew: Well, that’s right, people often wanna play the uh, what I call playing the victim card. I don’t know what you call it, but uh, ya know, people there like ‘Oh, well I..’. It occurs to me that often times people like to complain just to actually have something to say.
Bob: Exactly. Now, here’s the thing, we can’t control it. What we have to learn is to let it be. We need to make ourselves aware of the things that are under our control. In other words, we need to take control of our lives. And this kinda like brings the whole picture together of attitude towards yourself. If you can’t control you, how could you ever control the sales process? And that’s a big part of Velocity Selling , is to be in control. To be doing what you’re doing. So let’s start with the foundation, being in control of yourself. What are some obvious things that are under our control?
Matthew: Well, certainly how we actually approach people and our attitude. That’s certainly something that’s under my control.
Bob: Our attitude is 100% under our control and as previously mentioned if we wanna increase our performance by 100%, all we gotta do is master our attitude. So, attitude is part of it. Uh, how about the way you react to people? Is that under your control?
Matthew: 100%.
Bob: Exactly. Some people may say ‘No, it’s not under my control’. Well , how you react is 100% under your control. You’re self-talk, is that under your control?
Matthew: Of course. You know the way that uh, the way that people, uh, the way that I, I can’t talk about other people, but the way that I actually speak to myself on a daily basis, ‘Am I good enough? How am I going to approach this?’. Actually, I was in a sales meeting, I was going to a sales meeting the other day, and uh, there, it was a big corporate client, and I thought ‘Well, how do I deal with this?’. And you know what, the only way I dealt with this is by moving in with, a, a, an attitude of service, because I know I’ve got value there.
Bob: Yeah.
Matthew: So that’s, it immediately gave me that boost. So, absolutely in charge of my self-talk.
Bob: Exactly. So, what we have to do is take control of the things under our control: our attitude, uh, the way we react to other people, our self-talk, and most importantly, our thoughts. Our thoughts of today are tomorrow. We need to guard this. So to do these things, we number 1: We have to be aware. Aware of how we’re reacting, aware of our attitude, aware of what we’re saying to ourselves. And we need to stop this negativity and turn it around to positivity. Now, there’s a couple of techniques that we use here. One is, we call it a ‘Red X’ where you stamp out negativity. If it’s not under your control, just stamp it out. Stamp out negativity. We can’t do anything about it, let it be. Put our focus on what we want, as opposed to what we don’t want.
Matthew: Yes.
Bob: And that’s where you’ll start to take control of your life by realizing what’s under your control and what’s not. So, a good part of it is, when you wake up in the morning, are you grateful for another day?
Matthew: My answer is ‘Yeah’.
Bob: And…
Matthew: And my, my kids jump into the bed and they, it’s actually a really great way to start the day. Chuckling. So yeah,
Bob: So you see, that is something that is under our control. Just to be aware that we woke up. We should be thankful, and it’s gonna be a great day, getting really excited about today. Why are we excited? ‘Cause we woke up and we have another day. But let’s face it, all of these things are under our control. Let’s start to take control of the things under our control and start to make a difference in our life. This is the foundation that will give the results in sales that you’re looking for.
Matthew: That’s perfect Bob. Well that, that’s a great way to leave it. So uh, thank you very much and uh, I’ll see you next week.
Bob: Alright, thanks again Matthew.
Matthew: Bye Bob.

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