Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 5 – The Foundations of Success

On this episode Bob and I talk about the foundations of success and how you can take control of your life.

Matthew: Hi, Matthew Whyatt here, CEO of Velocity Selling, based here in the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, and we’ve got Bob Urichuck, the founder of Velocity Selling up in Ottawa, Canada. Welcome, Bob.

Bob: Well, Thank you Matthew.

Matthew: Hey Bob, today we’re going to dive right into it where Episode 5, we’ve talked about why Velocity Selling is what’s considered non-traditional, but let’s get straight into it. What I want to talk about today is what, I guess people consider the foundation of success. So Bob, I know you’ve got lots of thoughts on this subject, so, so let’s get into it.

Bob: Ha, well that’s great Matthew. I mean, you know, we’ve talked about success in one of our earlier episodes about being from the inside out, and you know your success when you know where you want to go. So, uh, before I can answer you what the foundation is of success, I need to ask you some questions because in previous episodes, I wanted to, I said I would demonstrate how self discovery works.

Matthew: Ok.

Bob: So our listeners are on a self-discovery journey as well. So, uh, Matthew, is it ok if I ask you some questions?

Matthew: Absolutely.

Bob: Ok. Here’s what I’d like to do is, you’re, you’re at a certain part of your life, I believe you’re forty years old, are you not?

Matthew: I am.

Bob: Yeah, I’m almost a quarter century older than you, so that makes quite a difference in generations.

Matthew: -laughing-

Bob: But, the same principles still apply. Would you not agree?

Matthew: Sure.

Bob: Whether I’m based in Canada and you’re Australia, we’re at opposite ends of the world, what we’re going to do is look at it’s opposite approach to demonstrate the non-traditional and to the self-discovery process.

Matthew: Ok.

Bob: So, what has made you a success to date? Use, give me some words that describe what you did in your life to get you to where you are today.

Matthew: Well, that’s interesting, Bob. I think that really, and I’ve never been the smartest guy in the room or anything like that. It’s always been about how I’ve, um, just in, in my sales roles, I’ve always made, made the extra calls. Uh, I used to play a game with myself where I would do, you know, an hour of power. I’d sit down and wouldn’t stand up for the, for that hour and just, just crunch out those calls or do the meetings that I needed to do. Uh, at five o’clock, everybody’s packing up, I’d make two extra phone calls. You know, look at the next day. What and uh review uh my calls that I’ve got to do for the next day, so it would be, just, I felt I had to work harder—

Bob: Ok.

Matthew: —um and that was, that was essentially how I’ve been able to achieve what most would consider a pretty high level of success.

Bob: Ok, so work harder. Give me some more words.

Matthew: Uh—

Bob: Um give me four or five words.

Matthew: Um, hard work, and I, uh, continuing education, that’s one of the things that I’ve always done as I’ve paid off my own debt to do all of the various courses by the books you can see behind me and things like that.

Bob: Ok. So we’ve got work hard, education, learning, continuous learning, sharpening the saw, we could say. What else would be, uh, another characteristic or another quality or, or a word that could describe some of the things you’ve done to help lead you to success, besides working hard and education.

Matthew: Well, what I, what I think also is modeling, uh, the successful people that I’ve, I’ve seen in, uh, various businesses that I’ve worked in. You know, who’s the best guy there, or the best girl, go and sit next to them. See what they do. Understand what they do, and how I can actually bring that in and use that for my own.

Bob: Exactly. So we’ve got three things here. Work hard, education, modeling.

Matthew: Yup.

Bob: And I’m sure our listeners, if they did the same exercise, they’d have a lot of different words, could be the same words, but everybody has their own words, would you agree?

Matthew: Sure, absolutely.

Bob: So now let’s take a look at these three words as just generic words. Um, as you know, Velocity Selling is based on A, B, C and D. And, uh, I want to ask you, to work hard: is that an attitude, a behaviour, a competency or a discipline?

Matthew: Well, overall I think probably, it’s probably an attitude. Actually no, you know it is an attitude, because I just, yeah, I decided to get in there and just do the work.

Bob: Ok

Matthew: So I had an open attitude to what I was doing.

Bob: Ok. Education. Education. Attitude? Behaviour? Competency? Discipline?

Matthew: Uh, I think that’s attitude as well, actually.

Bob: Ok, no that’s good. And the third one? Um, uh modeling other people? Modeling, modeling successful people and, and learning and, you know, having, getting coaching from them, you know, uh, because you do, it makes, coaching, you get coached. You’ve been coached. I’ve been coached. We’ve all been coached—

Matthew: Absolutely.

Bob: —And it’s a big part of what makes a difference, and you know, that’s part of modeling people too, because coaching gets you accountable and modeling. So, uh, so would you, what would that be? Competency? Uh, uh a behaviour? A, uh, and an attitude? Or a discipline?

Matthew: Well, it would probably, for me, I actually never really, uh, I’ve decided not to have an ego about what I thought I knew, so it’s probably, that also is funnily enough also an attitude. That, that was something that I made sure I did on a day to day basis. I wanted to learn, so, you know, I.. so many salespeople that I’ve met go, “Oh, I know this,” —

Bob: Ok. That’s perfect.

Matthew: —But…

Bob: Here’s what we’ll do, Matthew, uh, you’ve answered attitude three times of three different words.
Matthew: Sure.

Bob: We’re going to play this game a couple more episodes, just so people get it. But for now, I couldn’t agree with you more. Those three words that you picked, and you got the right answers, are all attitude. Now, how many of you would like to increase your performance by over one hundred percent?

Matthew: Well, I’m sure most people would, wouldn’t they?

Bob: Yeah. How about two hundred percent? Because we’re going to give you two words that make a difference. But here we have one word: attitude. Attitude is under whose control?

Matthew: Uh, one hundred percent mine.

Bob: You’ve got it! You’ve got it. One hundred percent yours. And what is attitude?

Matthew: Oh, um, it’s uh, I guess it’s a range of, uh, -laughing- it’s a, it’s a range of uh, the things that one does on a daily basis, but it’s also, it’s a mindset I guess you could say.

Bob: Exactly, it’s a mindset. And, and, and it’s like, you know again our body speaks louder than words. I was just going to read you the definition that I have of attitude out of my book, uh, I believe it’s right here. I was looking in Discipline for Life when it’s in Velocity Selling. It’s, it’s uh, a bit wordy, but let me save that for another time. The point being this: yes, attitude is one hundred percent under your control. You want to increase your performance by one hundred percent? Take control of your attitude. There’s a lot of things in life where we have no control over, and we’ll talk about that in another episode. But we have to understand one thing: attitude is one hundred percent under your control. Control your attitude, and you control your outcomes. And that’s the foundation to success.

Matthew: Well that’s great, Bob. Thanks very much, and, uh, we’ll see you next week.

Bob: Ok. And I want everyone to define the second word for next week. There’s the second word that gives you the other one hundred percent. And when we come back next week, we will give you that answer to that word.

Matthew: Perfect. Thanks very much, Bob. Have a great day. Bye bye.

Bob Urichuck

Bob Urichuck is an internationally sought after speaker, trainer—founder of the “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System—and best-selling author in six languages. His latest books, Velocity Selling: How to Attract, Engage and Empower Buyers to Buy, and Motivate Your Team in 30 Days are new in 2014.

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