Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 12 – Your Right to Ask

In this episode of Velocity Selling T.V., Matthew Whyatt and Bob Urichuck discuss the importance and need for your right to ask.

Matthew: Welcome to Velocity Selling TV. My name’s Matthew Whyatt, on the Gold Coast here in Australia, and we’ve got the founder of Velocity Selling, Bob Urichuck, up in Ottawa Canada. Welcome Bob.
Bob: Well thank you Matthew, I, um, am looking forward to another episode with you.
Matthew: chuckles Fantastic. Now, last week we spoke about your right to fail, and this week we’re gonna talk about your right to ask. And certainly sales people need to learn, uh, that they have the right to ask, don’t they?
Bob: Most definitely. If anything, Matthew, if anything this is the foundation to sales. This is the, the, secret to everything and, and if anything, I’m gonna put it really simple, what are the, ya know, why don’t people ask? What’s the real reason why people don’t ask?
Matthew: Fear of rejection, I would say.
Bob: You got it. Fear. Fear. F.E.A.R.- False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s only real in your head. And if you have that fear you’re gonna attract in your life and you’re gonna have that fear of asking. Here’s the thing, it’s like they say in Asia, I don’t wanna lose face, so they don’t ask.
Matthew: Yep, ok.
Bob: What you’re doing here is by saying I don’t wanna lose face so I didn’t ask. Are you not losing face within yourself? Because here’s the thing, if you don’t ask, what’s the chances of getting a positive response?
Matthew: Uh, Nil.
Bob: Nil.
Matthew: chuckling Yeah.
Bob: If I have the courage to ask, what are the odds of getting a response? A positive response?
Matthew: Well it’s either a yes or no, so I’d say a 50/50.
Bob: Exactly! I got a 50/50 chance of getting a response. I don’t ask, I don’t get. I ask, I got a 50% chance of getting it. If I get a no, did I lose anything?
Matthew: No, you never had anything to start with.
Bob: You got it! So, no big deal, I, I never had it in the first place so it’s gone. But the chances of getting that yes, have increased. Now, here’s the thing you gotta understand about ask, and it’s not my quote, it’s been around for over 2000 years, A.S.K.- A stands for ask. Now, we know what happens when you ask, ask and you will?
Matthew: Ask and you shall receive.
Bob: Exactly. S is seek and you will find. K is knock and the door be open. So here’s the thing, when was the last time you sat down with the most important person in the world and asked that person whatcha want outta life? Whatcha you wanna be? Whatcha wanna do? Where you wanna go? Because once you ask yourself that, and document it, you can now go seeking. And it’s in the seeking that doors of opportunity come straight in front of us, and all we gotta do is have the courage to knock. And when we knock, that door is open. And when you ask that question is answered. So the whole thing here, this has been around, and it’s the foundation to it. So we have to start asking, and that’s key in sales because if you’re always talking, you’re not engaging. And people wanna be buyers, particular wanna be engaged today. So we need to engage buyers. The way we do that is we ask questions. We also help them to discover for themselves where the problems are and where the solutions are available. And we empower buyers to buy, and it’s all done through questioning. So you gotta get yourself comfortable and you have the right to ask, then start asking questions. Now, there’s another episode where we’re gonna get into this whole thing about engagement and the questions to ask and everything else, but that’s an episode we’ll deal with later on. In the meantime Matthew, we’ve covered the ten rights. We’ve covered the three extra rights, like yourself as you are, um the right to fail, and now, the right to ask. What would you like to do next?
Matthew: Uh well, you know, what I’d love to do is really understand and go in and, and put a, put a bow on all the rights and, and finish up this section.
Bob: Ok, so let’s, let’s, let’s, uh, call this section, the next section could be…I’d like to do a little bit on the I.R. Theory.
Matthew: Yeah?
Bob: I.R.- Our identity versus our role.
Matthew: Yes.
Bob: And how it weighs out. So, then, I’ll do another episode wrapping up everything in attitude towards you. And I can do an episode as well on attitude towards your organization, and attitude towards your buyers that follow. This way, we’re building the Velocity Selling as we’re going- in a step by step process. Because it is a systematic approach and we have to master each step along the way to succeed at it. So, thank you again for your time and I look forward to speaking to you again next week.
Matthew: Thanks very much Bob. Talk to you later, bye bye.

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