Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 16 – Get To Know Yourself

In this episode of Velocity Selling TV, Matthew and Bob discuss how getting to know yourself is one of the most important factors of the Velocity Selling system

Velocity Selling TV Episode 16- Get to Know Yourself
Matthew: Well, welcome back to Velocity Selling TV. Uh it’s Matthew here, I’m on the Gold Coast and we’ve got Bob up in Ottawa Canada. Hi Bob.
Bob: Yeah, Hi Matthew, great to be with you again.
Matthew: Yeah, good to be here as well. And actually, what we’ve been doing over the last sixteen episodes, this is episode sixteen. What we’ve been doing over that time is really asking our, uh, uh, our listeners to, to understand themselves., and, and really work from a point of attitude, and of course, with the Velocity Selling system, it works in the A, B, C, D, system. And of course, A stands for Attitude. So what I wanted to ask you today Bob, is I guess wrap it all up. How do people really get to know themselves, and, and things like that? So Bob, over to you.
Bob: Alright, well Matthew, we’ve talked a lot about a lot of different things uh, throughout the last fifteen, sixteen episodes, from you know, the definition of success, motivations, uh, uh, discipline. We, we talked about getting to know your rights, your right to fail, your right to ask, uh, we took you through the right to like yourself as you are, the I.R Theory- to like yourself from the inside out, and to make a decision to lead your life from the inside out. There’s one more section that we really just need to touch on here and that is, it summarizes it all, of getting to know yourself. Now, we are the most important people in the world, we’ve concluded that. But, do you know yourself? And when we talk about knowing yourself, it’s a matter of sitting down and writing out your strengths and your weaknesses. What are the things you’re really good at, identifying your strengths, and also your weaknesses. Then, it’s making a decision about turning some weaknesses into strengths, and accepting yourself the way you are. You also need to know, what are your values? What are the things you value most? And, in one of our books, and I believe it’s in Discipline for Life, we have a complete value chart there. And we can even provide that to our reader’s so they can go through and define their own values. But it goes even a step further. And Matthew, it’d be like this: we’d take a topic and let’s take the topic of family. And if you don’t mind sharing with me your answers on this because you yourself are a family man. Now, in your role as family, how would you feel you rate yourself, in performance, on a scale of 0 to 10 for family?
Matthew: Well with the family, I, uh, I do try to uh spend the time that I’ve got allocated to be actually present so I’d say I’d give myself, probably and eight, I know that there are uh, areas I could probably do a little bit better, but generally, an eight.
Bob: Look, you take this as an example. So family we rated as an eight. Then I want you to answer these questions, Why did you rate yourself like this? So that will allow you to put out all the positive factors. This way, you’re identifying positive factors. Then the next thing you wanna do is, what areas need improvement? In other words, what do you have to do to get yourself to a ten? Now, by doing this for family, for personal, for financial, uh, for social, for uh, you know spiritual, mental, career, any of these topics, you’re getting to know yourself, where you stand, and what you need to do to get yourself to a ten. So, once again, we’re always striving for a ten because when you believe you’re a ten, when you start to demonstrate you’re a ten, and you start to feel like a ten, what happens? Your results, are top notch. And that really sums it all up. Again, it’s from the inside. Getting to know yourself, because yes you are the most important person in the world, and you need to put your focus on that. You need to take care of this, cause this is all you’ve got. So, everything we’ve talked about, in attitude towards yourself, is building the foundation to the next steps that we’re going on to. From here, we’re gonna take a look at your attitude towards your organization. Then, we’re gonna take a look at your attitude towards your buyer, and then we’re gonna flip over and flip, and get into behavior, competencies, and move on with the rest of the system.
Matthew: Well that’s fantastic Bob. Uh, I’m going to be doing that also, so I’ll go ahead and find the value chart and put it in below the uh, in the uh, in the comment section on the youtube page and alsdo the blog at our website and look, if, if people are getting some value out of it, if you’ve been getting some value out of this, not you Bob, but the listeners, chuckles, if you’ve been getting value out of this, do go ahead and sign up for a seven day free trial. Have a look at actually what we’re doing. You know, Bob’s talked at a very high level about these things, you know we actually get really deep and go at a whole other level so we can make sure your success, uh, you can build success internally, which will also build external success as well. So look, um…go ahead.
Bob: Sorry, I was just gonna say in addition to that Matthew, the nice part about going online and learning this is, you get the workbook, you get the charts,
Matthew: Yes.
Bob: And you get the tasks and the real life application out of it. What we’re talking about here are really highlights and that’s a good point that you raise, it’s free of charge and really, it’s worth taking advantage of to really increase your learning and your performance.
Matthew: Fantastic. Well that’s what we’re here to do, is to serve people, provide everybody the opportunity to, to grow personally and financially and business wise. This is not just a regular sales course with another tricky way to manipulate the customer. That’s really not what we’re about, and certainly not what you’re about. It’s actually building a level of internal, uh, growth, so externally the business comes to you.
Bob: You can’t give something to the outside world if you don’t have it inside to give away. I need everybody to get themselves up to a ten so they can produce like a ten.
Matthew: Fantastic Bob. Well, on that note, I’m gonna leave it there. Thanks very much for, once again, amazing coaching. I love doing these. Hopefully, everybody else is getting as much value out of these sessions as I am, uh, but, you know, if they’re not, I am, so, uh, we’ll just keep rolling forward. That was episode sixteen and we’ll keep moving forward throughout the year. So, once again, thanks very much Bob, we really appreciate your time.
Bob: Thank you Matthew.
Matthew: Bye now.
Bob: Bye.

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