Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 20 – Your Dreams

We’re back again with Velocity Selling’s Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt as they consider the most important step of the behaviour section of Velocity Selling- Your Dreams.

Velocity Selling T.V. Episode 20- Your Dreams
Matthew: Welcome to Velocity Selling. I’m your host, Matthew Whyatt, and I’m here on the Gold Coast in Australia and we’ve got Bob Urichuck, the founder, up in Ottawa, Canada. Welcome Bob.
Bob: Yeah, hi Matthew. Great to see you again and I think we’ve got another exciting episode planned for today.
Matthew: Look, we do. You know, actually Bob, you’ve achieved a lot in your life. In the last nine years you’ve ranked in the top ten global sales gurus and been in the business now for twenty years, so you’ve really achieved a lot. I just wanted to take you back to how do you actually set out your goals, and the process you went through? So do you wanna tell everybody about that?
Bob: Alright. That’s a great place to start because this is all about personal goal setting, under behavior in Velocity Selling. Matthew, I guess I was eighteen years old when I first had got exposed to the powers of the mind and goal setting and it was through a network marketing company at the time, and I got quite excited about it then, but it wasn’t until I was twenty-two years old that I took serious action in goal setting. And I highly recommend everybody do what I did back then. What I did, well, part of what I did, I called into work sick. Because I was sick of the way my life was going. I wanted to dedicate a day to me, so I sat down at the dining room table with a pad of paper and a pen, and I was kinda, like, depressed, and I wrote down on the pad of paper: ‘Bob, what do you want out of life? What do you wanna be? What do you wanna do? What do you wanna have?’ And I thought, hey, you know what? This could be some fun! Why don’t I pretend my pen is magic wand? And I everything I write down can become real? And, let’s put a time limit on it. Let’s give twenty-four hours to get everything I wanna do, be, or have written down on paper. And this is the first step and the most important step that everybody must do. Allocate a fixed period of time, I gave myself twenty-four hours, you can give yourself a week if you want, you can give yourself a day, whatever works for you. In that twenty-four hours, I wanted to make sure that I wrote down everything I wanted to be, do, or have, no matter how ridiculous, how wild, whatever. And so what I did is I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote. I went to bed, I woke up in the middle of the night and I added another one or two things. I drove to work, got another idea or two and wrote it down and I can clearly remember getting to work at nine o’clock in the morning and holding my notebook up in the air and saying ‘This is all I want outta life.’ And that became the foundation for the rest of my life. Now, there’s a lot of things you have to do after this Matthew. That’s just the first part. And as an assignment, to you, the listeners out there, I challenge you: Give yourself twelve hours, twenty-four hours, forty-eight hours; This is the most important thing you can do. The minute that pen touches paper, you start to cyrstalise those dreams. Start a file on your laptop or on your IPad, and just ya know, ‘Dreams’, and jot down every thought, everything you wanna do, be, or have, write it down, get it down. That is step number one. And then, I’ll tell you what to do next. Now, Matt…
Matthew: Now that’s a great place,
Bob: Oh, sorry.
Matthew: It’s alright. I was just saying, that’s a great place to start. Rather than try to put together strategies and all those sort of things, how to achieve, let’s just get it out of our heads and get it on paper, right?
Bob: But this is the first part. You have to go inside yourself to get that. Only you know what you want, nobody else. But the problem in society today is too many people are looking out here and they see what other people are doing, what they have, that may appeal to them and may not appeal to them. So, it’s not just looking to the outside world, it’s what’s gonna make you happy and successful, by writing this all down. So the challenge in this episode is to get your dreams documented. All of them. To the point where you could say ‘This is all I want out of life.’
Matthew: Very cool. Alright Bob, well that’s a great assignment. I’m actually gonna do that myself again, uh, cause over time, things change. So, uh, thank you very much and that was episode twenty and we’ll see you next week to figure out how to put it all together.
Bob: Alright, thank you Matthew.
Matthew: Thanks Bob, bye for now.

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