Velocity Selling TV – Episode 54 – Objections Pt 2

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Are you creating your own objections? Join Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt again this week with Velocity Selling TV: Episode 54- Objections Part 2.

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Bob: Welcome back to Velocity Selling TV. My name is Bob Urichuck, founder of the Velocity Selling System, and today we have one of our certified Velocity Selling specialists on the line, and CEO of Velocity Selling, Matthew Whyatt down in the Gold Coast of Australia. Matthew, thank you for coming back for another week and this week I believe you wanted to share a little bit more on handling objections. So let me turn it over to you, part two.
Matthew: Thanks very much Bob. Actually, you know this reminds me of a story. I actually got a phone call from an ex-employee just a little while ago asking me about a business opportunity, you know, went through that and gave her some advice and at the end of that she said ‘Hey look, I just wanted to thank you for one of your sales meetings you ran a few years ago.’ This was literally, eight or nine years ago now, and I said, what made the impact? There of course, I asked her more information, and what she said is ‘the sales meeting was around objections’ and what I did was I actually went around the room and got every sales person to write down the show stopping objection- the thing that stopped them from actually making a sale. And then I said, ok let’s write them down, so we wrote them down and there was actually quite a variety of different objections. And I said to the guys, ‘Well, hang on, all the marketing is the same, the leads are distributed evenly, the scripts are the same, what’s different?’ And when we really got down to it, the macro level, at the high level when we can talk about a large data sample, we actually figured out that each individual sales people were actually getting particular objections that were stopping them from doing a deal. What was actually uncovered is the people who had money objections actually had money issues themselves. The people who actually had ‘Oh I don’t like this industry’ actually don’t love that industry. And so what that was actually doing was they were creating their own objections with their own mindset. And this sort of leads us back to the beginning of Velocity Selling where we talk about attitude towards your company.
Bob: Yeah.
Matthew: and how to actually deal with those things. And if those things aren’t dealt with right at the beginning then that sort of stuff is going to germinate inside the person and come out through the objections that they get and the business that they actually miss out on. So that’s one thing that I actually wanted to ask the audience here is: Are you getting objections because of yourself?
Bob: And that goes back to…
Matthew: It might be a little bit more esoteric – something a little bit more to think about today. Take the next week to really understand the objections you’re getting and why you’re getting them. Is it really the money, the product, the timing, it’s got to happen next quarter, whatever it might be…
Bob: Yeah.
Matthew: Or is it you?
Bob: Well what you’re asking people to do Matthew is to go back and take a look at your belief system. Remember? On a scale of zero to ten how do you rate your team? How do you rate your products and services you have to sell? How do you rate your organisation? And if you’re seven, eight, or nine, you’ve got to change your belief system, get to a ten. If you’re six or less, you’ve got to leave the organisation because you don’t believe. And that’s just going to cause you more stress. So yeah, the problem is, yeah that’s very good. Now Matthew, one other thing we’re going to do is, in about five or ten episodes from now, we’re going to be discussing the sales system of Velocity Selling and we’re going to get into how to set the parameters and for people who are getting the same objection, time and time and time again, we’re going to give you a technique on how to stop that right up front so you don’t waste any time, you don’t waste your time, you don’t waste the buyers time.
Matthew: Oh man,
Bob: But in the meantime….
Matthew: I’m really excited about this, I love this, it’s counterintuitive but it works. It’s just beautiful. I’m actually looking forward to talking about that, but I won’t get overexcited, we’ll finish up here shall we?
Bob: You got it, be patient. But what we could do in the meantime, we encourage all of our subscribers to visit and you can sign up for a seven day free trial offer. There’s no obligation you could see the whole system and you can get a lot more in seven days than you can out of our few minute interviews. So, visit take advantage of the free sales training that we provide there, it’s virtual, it’s excellent. And Matthew, I look forward to talking to you again next week. Have yourself a great week ahead.
Matthew: Fantastic Bob, bye for now.
Bob: Take care.

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Matthew has been involved in the growth of many businesses across multiple industries including, health products, software development, IT consultancy, Real Estate and franchise sales with personal sales of over $100 million.

After all of this hard work Matthew took a year off with his wife and two children in Bali. After returning to Australia Matthew was ready to take on his next challenge, following his passion in Sales, and joined the Velocity Selling team as CEO.

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